Administrative Responsibilities

Along with providing our clients with the highest level of investment management services, our clients also trust us with many of their administrative responsibilities. These include:

  • Investment Policy Statements. This is a document that provides the general investment goals and objectives of a client and describes the strategy to achieve these goals. Statutes provide the foundation for the Investment Policy Statements and help us define specific restrictions (i.e., credit quality, maximum maturity). The Commerce department will usually request to see the Investment Policy Statement during routine exams.
  • Reporting. We provide monthly statements to our mutual insurance clients. As investment advisors, we will review a special report with the board of directors and managers no less than annually or as requested to make sure that they understand the information that is provided in the report.
    • All of our reports are:
      • Available for board meetings and include extensive information
      • Sophisticated and customizable, as well as easy to read and easy to understand