Investment Services

Investment Services

Mutual insurance companies across Minnesota and the Midwest trust us as investment advisors for many reasons:

  • We are one of the few Minnesota firms that understand Minnesota state investment statutes (i.e., statutes 60A and 67A).
  • Our team brings more than 120 collective years of investment experience and more than 25 years of mutual insurance experience to each and every relationship.
  • We know and understand your role as a board member and the responsibility you have to the policyholders of your company. Our investment strategy is designed to create a relationship of trust with you as we work to protect and manage your investments.

Our Philosophy

There are numerous reasons mutual insurance companies choose Schluchter Investment Advisors to help them meet their investment goals. None of these reasons are more important than our guiding strategy to help you have controlled investment risk and expenses, increased investment income, and an understanding of your statute structure. To meet those investment goals, we:

  • Actively manage your portfolio. We are not the type of advisor who will make random trades on your account. We follow a 15-year bond ladder approach that consistently updates your investment in a more systematic process. We invest in individual bonds with specific maturity dates for predictable liquidity. This flattens out interest rate fluctuations and provides more even returns over time.
  • Periodically review your portfolio. We review and revise written investment objectives with respect to market and regulatory developments. We participate in board meetings annually or as requested.
  • Provide independent advice. Because we are independent advisors, we seize investment opportunities from any and all companies when we feel the timing is appropriate for your goals, objectives, and need for safety and liquidity.

Our Strategies

Our full range of mutual insurance investment experience allows us to find products and solutions that we believe can produce income with less associated risks. Let us help you with:

  • U.S. government bonds
  • Municipal bonds
  • Corporate bonds
  • Certificates of deposit
  • Overnight repos
  • Cash sweep accounts